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27 preprint: Factorized Multimodal Transformer for Multimodal Sequential Learning

Amir Zadeh, Chengfeng Mao, Kelly Shi, Yiwei Zhang, Paul Pu Liang, Soujanya Poria, Louis-Philippe Morency

26 preprint: WildMix Dataset and Specto-Temporal Transformer for Monoaural Audio Source Separation

Amir Zadeh, Tianjun Ma, Soujanya Poria, Louis-Philippe Morency

25. preprint: Multimodal Finetuning of Advanced Transformer Models

Wasifur Rahman,

24. EMNLP 2020: UR-FUNNY: A Multimodal Language Dataset for Understanding Humor

Md Kamrul Hasan, Wasifur Rahman, Amir Zadeh, Jianyuan Zhong, Md Iftekhar Tanveer, Louis-Philippe Morency, Mohammed (Ehsan) Hoque

23. arXiv: Hierarchical Seq2Seq: Learning Representations of Online Spoken Speech

Amir Zadeh, Yao-Chong Lim, Paul Pu Liang, Louis-Philippe Morency

22. arXiv: Variational Auto-Decoder: Neural Generative Modeling from Partial Data

Amir Zadeh, Yao-Chong Lim, Paul Pu Liang, Louis-Philippe Morency

21. CVPR 2019 OralSocial-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence

Amir Zadeh, Michael Chan, Paul Pu Liang, Edmund Tong, Louis-Philippe Morency

20. ICLR 2019Learning Factorized Multimodal Representations

Yao-Hung Hubert Tsai, Paul Pu Liang, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency, Ruslan Salakhutdinov

19. AAAI 2019 SpotlightWords Can Shift: Dynamically Adjusting Word Representations Using Nonverbal Behaviors

Yansen Wang, Ying Shen, Zhun Liu, Paul Pu Liang, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency


18. EMNLP 2018 OralMultimodal Language Analysis using Recurrent Multistage Fusion

Paul Pu Liang, Ziyin Liu, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

17. ICMI 2018Multimodal Local-Global Ranking Fusion for Emotion Recognition

Paul Pu Liang, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

16. ACL 2018Proceedings of the First Grand Challenge and Workshop on Human Multimodal Language (Challenge-HML)

Amir Zadeh, Paul Pu Liang, Louis-Philippe Morency, Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Stefan Scherer

15. ACL 2018 OralHuman Multimodal Language in the Wild: A Novel Dataset and Interpretable Dynamic Fusion Model

Amir Zadeh, Paul Pu Liang, Jon Vanbriesen, Soujanya Poria, Edmund Tong, Erik Cambria, Louis-Philippe Morency

14. ACL 2018 OralEfficient Low-rank Multimodal Fusion With Modality-Specific Factors

Zhun Liu, Ying Shen, Varun Lakshminarasimhan, Paul Pu Liang, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

13. NAACL 2018MEMN: Multimodal Emotional Memory Network for Emotion Recognition in Dyadic Conversational Videos

Devamanyu Hazarika, Soujanya Poria, Amir Zadeh, Erik Cambria, Louis-Philippe Morency, Roger Zimmerman

12. FG 2018 Oral: OpenFace 2.0: Facial Behavior Analysis Toolkit

Tadas Baltrusaitis, Amir Zadeh, Yao-Chong Lim, Louis-Philippe Morency

11. AAAI 2018 Oral: Memory Fusion Network for Multi-view Sequential Learning 

Amir Zadeh, Paul Liang, Navonil Mazumder, Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Louis-Philippe Morency

10. AAAI 2018 OralMulti-attention Recurrent Network for Human Communication Comprehension

Amir Zadeh, Paul Liang, Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Prateek Vij, Louis-Philippe Morency


9. EMNLP 2017 Oral: Tensor Fusion Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Amir Zadeh, Minghai Chen, Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Louis-Philippe Morency

8. ACL 2017: Combatting Human Trafficking with Multimodal Deep Models 

Edmund Tong*, Amir Zadeh*, Cara Jones, Louis-Philippe Morency

7. ACL 2017 Oral: Context-Dependent Sentiment Analysis in User-Generated Videos

Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Navonil Mazumder, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

6. CVPR-W, ICCV-W 2017: Convolutional Experts Constrained Local Models for Facial Landmark Detection

Amir Zadeh, Tadas Baltrusaitis, Yao-Chong Lim Louis-Philippe Morency

5. ICMI 2017 Oral: Word-level Alignment with Reinforcement Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Minghai Chen, Sen Wang, Paul Liang, Tadas Baltrusaitis, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency   Honorable Mention Award

4. ICDM 2017 Oral: Multilevel Multiple Attentions for Contextual Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Devamanyu Hazarika, Navonil Mazumder, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency


3. IEEE Intelligent Systems: Multimodal sentiment intensity analysis in videos: Facial gestures and verbal messages

Amir Zadeh, Rowan Zellers, Eli Pincus, Louis-Philippe Morency

2. BMVC 2016: Holistically Constrained Local Model: Going Beyond Frontal Poses for Facial Landmark Detection

Kanggeon Kim, Tadas Baltrusaitis, Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

1. SPMRL: Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages with (mostly) off-the-shelf Software and Word Vectors

Arne Kohn, U Chun Lao, Amir Zadeh, Kenji Sagae *winner of gold standard 5k test set for 6 out of 9 languages*

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