Master Students

Tianjun Ma

Tianjun Ma just finished his undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University and is doing a fifth year master’s program in the school of computer science. His current works concern sound source separation. Tianjun wants to work with different data modalities in the real world and hopes to understand the link between human perception and multimodal approaches in machine learning.

Chengfeng Mao

Chengfeng Mao is a masters student in Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interest includes Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. He is currently focusing on Multimodal Deep Learning towards a better analysis on the combination of visual, acoustic and text data. Prior to joining CMU, he has worked in companies Yahoo, Cask Data, and Google Cloud. He received his Bachelors of Science from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, ECE department, where he was a member of FORWARD Data Lab.

Jianing "Jed" Yang

Jianing "Jed" Yang is a Master's student in Machine Learning (MSML) at Machine Learning Department. His research interest lies primarily in Natural Language Processing. His current project concerns multimodal Question Answering in social space. Prior to joining CMU, Jianing received his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and was doing research with Prof. Jimeng Sun on Machine Learning with Healthcare.

Harsh Lara

Harsh is a Master's student in the Computational Data Science Program. He is interested in code-mixing, dialogue agents, question-answering, and multimodal machine learning. Before joining MultiComp, he interned with the Siri Understanding team at Apple where he worked on language modelling for speech-to-text recognition. He completed his undergraduate studies in the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, majoring in Computer Science, and Engineering.

Manik Bhandari

Manik is a master's student in Computational Data Science. In the past he has worked in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graphs. He now wants to work with different modalities and understand language from a multimodal perspective.

Vivek Pandit

I am a Masters student in the Computational Data Science Program. I am primarily interested in generative modelling, reinforcement learning, and contextual word representations in NLP. I am currently working on understanding contextual word embeddings using adversarial character level perturbations. I interned with Philips AI Research, where I worked on natural language generation for question answering on structured medical data. I completed my undergrad from IIT Bombay, India, where I have also done research on 3D shape retrieval for CAD Models.

Tejas Srinivasan

I am a second-year Master's student in the Language Technologies Institute at CMU. I am currently working on Multimodal Transformers for better representation learning. I have worked on a number of research projects in the space of NLP, including machine translation, dialog, and multimodal speech recognition. Prior to joining CMU, I worked on end-to-end speech translation at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Yuying Zhu

Yuying Zhu is a graduate student at the Language Technology Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research interests include Natural Language Processing and Multimodal Machine Learning. She currently joined MultiComp and is working on Multimodal Question Answering. She was interned at Microsoft Research Asia before coming to CMU and involved some NLP tasks.

Anurag Katakkar

Anurag is a first year Master’s student in the Computational Data Science program. His interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. His current engagement with the MultiComp Lab involves work on Multimodal Speech Recognition, Diarisation, and Classification. Prior to joining CMU, Anurag graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from Pune University. During his senior year, he worked with IBM India on using Deep Learning for social good, and also interned at the R&D HQ of NTT Data in Tokyo, where he worked on Information Retrieval.

Yongxin Wang

Yongxin "Richard" Wang is a second-year Master of Science in Computer Vision (MSCV) student at CMU Robotics Institute. He has a strong interest in Multimodal Machine Learning that incorporates the analysis of visual, textual and audio data and has many applications such as human communication understanding. Currently, he is working on multimodal Social Question Answering with the Social-IQ dataset, aiming to build AI with social intelligence. He has worked at Amazon AWS AI for the past summer as an applied scientist. Prior to joining CMU, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, working with Professor Jim Rehg on gaze tracking.

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Undergraduate Students

Michael Chan

Michael Chan is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. His current work concerns using artifical intelligence to identify qualities of human social interaction through body language and speech from video clips. Michael hopes to learn more about machine learning overall and intends to use his knowledge to challenge the artistic and creative capabilities of machine learning models.

Santiago Benoit

Santiago Benoit is an undergraduate student majoring in Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University. His current work is on generating video and audio of speeches from text using deep learning. He hopes to learn more about the core principles and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning and to advance his research interests, which include generative models, development of novel types of neural networks, and artifical general intelligence.

Neha Nishikant

Neha Nishikant is an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University studying computer science. She is currently working with transformer models in Multimodal Machine learning. She wants to continue her research and learn more about other types of deep learning neural networks.

Justin Cao

Yansheng Cao is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. His current work involves using deep learning for identifying interaction through speech and body language. He is currently working on building the next generation of the CMU-MOSEI dataset with multilingual advancements. 

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is an undergraduate student in business at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research involves collecting data on human social interactions in video clips to test current states of social intelligence in AI. She is currently getting involved in machine learning research specially with intersection of computational finance. 

Michelle Ma

Michelle Ma is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. She is working on simulation of different musical instruments, music synthesis and generation with unsupervised learning. Michelle is interested in learning more about different machine learning models and further exploring possibilities of machine learning being applied to music and other art fields.

Joohyung Shin

Joohyung Shin is an undergraduate student in Statistics and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. 

His current research interest lies in applications of transformer models on multimodal language. Joohyung hopes to study more about machine learning and natural language processing.  

Phil Huang

Phil Huang is an undergraduate student in Information Systems and Statistics & Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. His top research ideas revolve around 3-D Modeling, Natural Language Generation, and AI-Augmented Reality. Currently, his research with focuses on NLP and Computer Vision. Believing ML applications should assist humanity, he works towards building AI assistants that make life easier and more colorful.

Kelly Shi

Kelly Shi is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. She is working on the development of multimodal models to process and classify multimodal language datasets.  She hopes to learn machine learning in depth and hopes to use her machine learning knowledge to change real life. Her current research project is on applications of the transformer models on multimodal data. 

Austin Leung

Austin Leung is an undergraduate student studying Information Systems & Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently compiling multimodal datasets for machine learning. He hopes to utilize machine learning models to further our understanding and perception of everyday events.

Shreya Bali

Shreya Bali is an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She is passionate about Deep Learning and using machine learning to improve the understanding of social communication interactions. She is currently working on removal of noise from unstructured speech. 

Konwoo Kim

Konwoo Kim is an undergraduate student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His current work involves contributing to the CMU-MOSEI dataset. He hopes to continue learning about multimodal language and other applications of machine learning.

Tyson Wang

Tyson Wang is an undergraduate student studying Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University. His current project is in integrating multimodal datasets into current language models and representations. His research interests include NLP, and representations of knowledge via language.

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